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Apr 12, 2022
much like some well-known community websites at the beginning. Through the interest and platform reward mechanism, it has attracted and inspired a large number of high-quality content creators. There is no doubt that the B station with the background of Taobao and Tencent is ambitious, and it is not willing to be a "Douban" for animation lovers. To gain more users and income, Bilibili may still have a long way to go, but at least at this stage, Bilibili has a very healthy ecological environment. Today's headlines are also challenging "You Aiteng". In February last year, Toutiao announced that it would invest 4 billion to create a native and self-made variety show IP. After that, news about Toutiao making long videos was endless, and there were even rumors that Toutiao planned to acquire Youku. Finally, in January of this year, the long-video variety show "It's Okay, It's Okay sms marketing service was launched on Toutiao today, but the show suffered a terrible disaster, and there was almost no discussion on the Internet. The failure of Toutiao’s first long video attempt was determined by the characteristics of the “Toutiao” APP. As Zhang Yiming said, Toutiao is not a media company but a technology company. "Toutiao" APPs are all in the style of "big data + content", as are today's headlines, watermelon videos, and Douyin. They rely on algorithms to push users' favorite things to the front of their eyes, and users can get satisfaction without choosing or searching. Compared with short videos, watching long videos requires more attention from users. Apps in the style of “Toutiao” are naturally matched with fragmented communication modes such as short videos and news, and users will not watch content with high attention on such apps. The long video streaming media industry is already


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